Her uncompromising attention to detail is the underpinning of her business. Her pieces are produced to the highest quality in Switzerland, France & the UK. She started her business in 2002. Available through private appointments and regular exhibitions.

 "If there's anyone who could have legitimately fused the worlds of jewellery and art, it has to be Cora Sheibani"


Vivienne Becker

Amassed an enormous collection of copper moulds


Loves the abstract ones the most

Love of gardening & cooking (& ampersands......)




"Her jewellery does not hanker after an image of more or less aggressive richness. What Cora Sheibani designs is not really 'jewellery' but rather a sophisticated suggestion"


Ettore Sottsass

"Cora creates themed collections that are seriously yet unselfconsciously design-driven touched with wit, charm and lightness, and totally devoid of clichés"


Vivienne Becker

Studied in Florence, New York & London Degree in Art History & Gemmology

Grew up with an appreciation of art and culture beyond the contemporary

At age 4 Cora painted with Basquiat in the garage


and sat as a child for Warhol

Worked with stonecutters in the historic centre of Idar-Oberstein to develop the Colour & Contradiction collection

Cora draws designs on paper as a starting point